100% Arabica Coffee.   Freshly roasted under the guidance of our Australian Master Coffee Roaster.

Original Synergy


Our Original award winning blend has a delicious synergy of bright, rich flavors.

From 164 LE

Kenya Nyeri

Single Origin

A vibrant cup with bright citrus notes and the sweetness of brown sugar.

From 209 LE

Morning Star


This exotic blend of rich flavors is the perfect way to start your day.

From 199 LE


Guatemala Antigua

Single Origin

Notes of chocolate and stone fruit, well balanced with a lingering sweetness.

From 225 LE


Honduras Copan

Single Origin

A smooth cup with tasting notes of chocolate and a hint of caramel.

From 179 LE

Colombia Caldas

Single Origin

Notes of chocolate, caramel and a hint of nuts and vanilla

From 175 LE

Ethiopia Lekemti

Single Origin

Enjoy these bright, wild fruity flavors from the birth-land of coffee.

From 172 LE

Dark Roast


For those who enjoy a darker roast coffee experience.

From 164 LE

Coffee Tasting Pack

3 or 4 Products

The Ultimate Coffee Tasting Experience!



From 269 LE

Arabic Coffee


Dancing Bean’s globally award-winning Original Blend, roasted Arabic style – smooth, aromatic and delicious.

From 269 LE

Complete  Coffee  Solutions  –  Cafes, Restaurants, Events…

Wholesale coffee supply, specialty coffee roaster and much more.   Dancing Bean can add value to your business by helping you ensure your business is serving consistently superb coffee drinks.   Equipment, training, maintenance, details, problems… Let us take the stress out of your coffee supplies and systems, so you can focus and grow your business.   Dancing Bean is Egypt’s first specialty coffee roaster, we have the experience and longevity to support your business through to success:

  1. Wholesale Coffee & Supplies
    1. Coffee – freshly roasted award-winning. We offer a range of blends and single origins.
    2. Coffee Treats – Chocolate Sauce, Cold Brew, Syrups …
    3. Supplies: Cups (Egypt’s first fully compostable, double walled), stirrers, napkins, cold drink cups…

  2. Coffee Equipment & Accessories
    1. Espresso machines, grinders, water filtration and softeners
    2. Equipment Maintenance
    3. Espresso bar design flow support
    4. Barista Accessories including: tamps, tamp mats, coffee scales, milk jugs, thermometers …

  3. Barista Training
    1. Barista theory and practical training
    2. Coffee systems auditing support
    3. Menu & Recipe support

Our Café Partners

About   Us

Dancing Bean are award-winning, artisan specialty coffee roasters.   From Australia, Dancing Bean is now in Egypt, run by an Egyptian – Australian partnership, Joseph and Johanna.   They have a passion to offer superb quality, fresh coffee, and complete coffee service to your home or café.

Dancing Bean has won awards in the world’s largest coffee roasting competition, the Golden Bean Awards, numerous years running.   Under this expert guidance, Dancing Bean opened in Egypt in 2012, filling a need for freshly roasted, and freshly ground, quality Arabica coffee.   This superb coffee is complemented by state-of-the-art equipment, accessories and professional Barista training.

The founders of Dancing Bean view their business as an opportunity to positively impact individuals and communities.   Dancing Bean is a triple bottom line business, founded on faith and integrity.   Our goal is to serve and benefit Egypt and its greatest asset – its people.

Choose   Peace

At the heart of Dancing Bean’s vision is to promote peace.   Dancing Bean brings together people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and faiths - celebrating the God given opportunities of diversity.   Our goal is to build an inclusive community where people grow and flourish together.   We’re committed to integrity and the superb quality of our products and services.   We aspire to extend our community and peace to all, for the well-being of our families, community and country – Choose Peace.