Product Crystal Eye Glass Timemore


Material:  Glass body, aluminium base

Capacity:  1 - 2 cups

Dimensions: 10X6.30


Select one of your favourite fresh Dancing Bean’s Arabica Single Origin or Premium Blends.  No grinder?  No problem, Dancing Bean’s friendly team will custom grind the ideal setting for your TIMEMORE Pour Over.


Glass crystal eye dripper is durable and sturdy. It not only has high permeability, but also can keep the temperature uniform during extraction. The removeable holder is made of PC which is easy to clean. The new design makes the filter paper closer fits with the dripper and gives off more flavour.


Three-layer construction is clear. The first layer is sealed layer where water cannot pass because there's no groove on the surface. It can control the water-flow when you pour in a large water flow; The second is water layer where you can pour water. The area of the concaves lessens gradually to control the speed of the water flow; The last is coffee layer where 15/20g coffee ground just take over. Large number of grooves can make the extraction more even.


Filter paper fully fits the dripper. The special design of groove makes the dripper surface a fully cone so it solves the problem of fitness with the filter and the dripper. It's easy to make a coffee ground even you're a beginner.


Change the traditional pattern. Instead of controlling the water flow by ribs like traditional filter cups, it is designed to be concave in most areas, so that the water flow is more uniform and smoother, with the smooth permeability, there is no need to worry about over-extraction when the water flow is slow.


Combine this original device with delicious Dancing Bean coffee.  As Egypt’s first specialty coffee roasters, we believe in premium and fresh to benefit your health and your taste palette.  Try our Award-Winning Original Synergy Premium Arabica blend or from the wide range of amazing specialty Arabica Single Origins or Premium Blends.

Dancing Bean coffee is freshly roasted, freshly ground, every order.

Crystal Eye Glass Timemore

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